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Seo means search engine optimization that means optimizing search engine so that it could carry the content to reach it`s goal. It also a big marketing process so that viewers can easily can get their targeting concept by searching. Now the questions how they get it? It is the most important part for seo that how seo works, some tactical step of optimizing the content. It`s importance to collect laser targeted traffics when they search anything for their own habit to a search engine and their performance in to a page make high conversion rate of the targeting content and also make the content super strong value by the activity of how much time they expand in to a page or another else. Here a short video you can get an idea of how seo works.

How seo works


The full meaning of serp is that search engine result page in which viewers can see their search result by ordering as their ranking which is create automatically by their seo performance to search engine. Here an important tropics shown of that how many result shown in a specific seconds. Bellow of search result also create the related search which base on keywords of search box. It is an important matter of seo that is called key words. So key words selection is the first main work of seo. Here depends the top result by the battle between the search engine and the professional seo.

related searches
View of serp

related searches

Robots.txt In SEO

What is robots.txt file? It is a interesting function of seo on which search engine reflects the search item. Googlebot always search all section of website and gather information and submit it to google and after then we get the search result of it`s activity. search engine gather the data and retrieve it which is called algorithm and perfect seo works on that. You may index or non-index any page or any content item by robots.txt file. If any case if you don`t want to search any item by robot.txt , you may disallow it for indexing.

create robots.txt

You can also disallow any page from robots.txt . generate robots.txt and there you easily select which content will be disallowed by which search engines and click generate link. After that just copy that and put it on your yoast seo plugin robots.txt file or in to robots.txt file which you create your them folder. you can create by two ways robots. txt file . At yoast seo or in theme folder`s file. But two options function of creating allow and disallow page are the same. It is better yoast seo i think.


Google organize the ranking of the content with a lot of special platform on which google select their quality and implement in to serp by their score. It is ranking factor. About 200+ ranking factors have in on which google select their improvement and seo works perfectly if these ranking factors implement to the content exactly.. The important ranking factors are


CONTENT QUALITY that mean how seo works exactly fully depend on content, this content must be unique and universal, so that readers can believe it and also readers interest must have in to reading the article.

DOMAIN FACTORS is also another important issue, how long the domain age, it`s speed the capacity to display it to the viewers with attractively.

USERS ITTERACTION mean how much times users stay on your page . In their staying in to the page their scroll able area, out from main contain by the outbound link. specially are they satisfied of interring the page and how much interest feel they? This total situation depend on the quality of content.


optimize your on page. It is the first step on which seo works by optimization on page. It for need a plugin and yoast seo plug in would be easy to use optimization. First time you have to select the key words which is mostly use previously by their search term. you have to collect right key words by searching and seeing key words rank position and their ctr. You can do this any key words research software. It is very important factor of selecting key words. This key words carry your content when any one search against this key words. Title meta description also a vital point what about the content which is described in this platform. Content should have focus key phrase which guide the content to serp bring the on page optimazation in front. it`s synonym words also related that key words so that search engine easily find the content with their near able words. Some checklists for article publishing . These are followings………………..


when you are going to publish an article then what it`s permalink. you should must keep the main key word or phrase in to permalink setting but it not full length. You can choose most important words of main key words for permalink settings.

permalink setting

You can easily edit and change the permalink.


In tilte tag you may add some modifier to main key words for attractive to users. If that, when users see the attractive title in search result page, they automatically enter to that even it is in not in first number though they select it. Thus your content ctr might be increased and in future it should rank in first serial number. In this case you may add


Like these modifier you easily add before or after the main key words for the attraction of viewers.


How seo works[Fully-updated]

2020 Best SEO Reviews

2020 Best Fishing kyak Reviews[Fully Updated]

2020 Best Fishing kyak Reviews[Fully Updated]-Fishing Blog

Thats enough for title tag optimization.


Meta description is the short description of your articles title in which google can show it in to search result page that what the title for. you must add your key words in this description. Here also slug option to change and also title , But title should that which you select first time . Actually no need to change title here again.

There is no actual rules that you keep your key words how much times. it should be measured by your whole articles depth that how much time you keep your key words in article. it should be 0.5-2% in your articles.


Internal link is another important Technic to get your article faithful. Because when you use internal link to your main article, it mean that you have a series article about a main things. Seo works very strongly with internal linking. for this your article has chance to fulfill for the main concept. when users go trough another article through the internal link they can get more idea about the individual point of linking and also mean that your web site is fully balance by your content . Thus your domain can get extra point for the ranking content.


Google search console is the way of indexing site or any content so that google crawl that to serp directly. If you not index your site google will not crawl. It is just like a media between your site and google. You can also see your index and non index page or any link in here and also remove any link from here.

Google search console works

SITE MAP- For setting site map in yoast seo plugins go to general sections and then feature option of XML sitemap link, then when you click a page will be shown and from here this url you just copy the sitemap_index.html and paste in to google search console`s add site map option and submit. thats ok . You usually get search console dashboard after login by your e mail and then see the whole information of your site.


It is an another search engine and you also submit your site in here like google search console. Just search Bing web master in google then login with google and add your web site. Here the full sitemap address will be replaced for indexing sitemap in bing and after that another options as like google search console which you easily set up. But here a question, why you submit your site to bing. For this answer you see the following

Top 10 search engines
Top 10 search engines

Every search engines have a percentage of market share. So if you miss any of those you easily mistake that percentage of sharing. So why not all search engines? See the percentage of market share world wide of top ten search engines

Market share of search engines
Market share of search engines


Some times your web site may get lot of back link from those sites which are notso good authority like porn site. Then google may think you some how get those link and may fall in to trouble. You may think what you do if any one link and how can controlled it? Yes, that why this disavow link . You select all thus link as disavow link and for do that you have to search disavow link in google and there enter disavow tools. In the main time you have to create a .txt file in note pad with those kind of links site and then, from disavow tools select choose file, select your .txt file and submit it. Thats ok. You are now safe from any kind of bad issues. Your competitor may do thus work and you have to regain in this way.


Some time you have to need page or domain change to another domain or by another page . This work called redirection. Now the question how will you do that. Firstly say that redirection mainly two kinds . One- permanent redirection(301) and Two- temporary redirection(302). You can easily do it with redirection plug in. In here, tools option you just select in source url the previews page link or domain and in target url the new url . After that just add redirect. That ok . Your page or domain will be redirected within a few days and all of your juice mean position , ctr and another credit will be transfer 90-100% in new ones.


Some times you may be asked for creating a such page thats will contain maximum source of a main page for marketing campaign. But search engine may think it as a duplicate, so if you not in this situation you have to create canonical url. So that search engine can take it as usual. For that first time you have to copy or create the page with just change of main page and the new page name`s will have to add dash sine and number of 2 (main page name-2). And then in edit post section for 2nd page you will see the canonical url at about last section(yoast seo). Then you have to copy the main page link and add that as canonical. Then in page view option you will see the link add as a canonical url.

These all above enough for on page optimize of your content. If you can do that step by step your content would have better chances


It means off page optimization which works out site of the web site especially on the social media platform like facebook, twitter, so many forums but of course with the relation of your site. If you donot optimize off page , how seo works out side of your site? If you understand in details that what is off page optimization? So you have to first time deeply realize on page optimization, that all of works in here after login the site. I mean it`s all works are inner side of the side. But off page optimization is quite difference from it. It works area is out from main server, i mean no need of log in in to site for off page optimization. It works on social media like facebook, twitter, and any other forums for marketing. Your site should promote to whole world with this kind of communication to various social media with link building.


Actually search engine determines your site on the reputation of your site. For this both on page optimization and need off page optimization. These two factors can reputed your site in to high level. Reputation marks depend on your site`s authority, design, server speed and all kind of matrix’s of your content. These factors repute your site in whole world in to internet. Now the question how your site reputation mark fixed? It actually depend of back link from another site and those sites also must be qualified and also how much web site refers to your site. If not , your reputation standarity will be no longer. So in this time , i think you have known that how important off page optimization to your site for high quality.


Off page works specially on link building. Three kinds of links building and these are the followings…


  • Forum posting
  • Social book marking.


  • Web 2.0
  • Paid directory


  • Relevant Niche Site
  • Authoruty Web site

If you want to get high professional seo you must build these three kinds of links for your off page. These kind of links percentage depend on your content that how they important in which kind of link. With these link building seo can works smoothly by generate a huge traffic to your site

DO FOLLOW – It means that when a link create for another site like <a href=”www.websitename.com/slugname”</a> It is automaticaly do follow link because it has no restriction of no follow. Of this link any site can get all facility for ctr.

NO FOLLOW – No follow is about same only a restriction to href attributes that is declared no follow. <a href=”www.websitename.com/slugname” rel=”nofollow”</a> Such kind of link goggle is forbidden to getting any kind of facility like juice passing ctr etc. It is just creating for the content quality not any beneficial for that. You can also create such kind of link in a individual page by creating <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”/> in that page header section.

You have to maintain do follow and no follow link on the importance of your content. Averagely it should be 60% and 40%. But overall it depends on your content.


Social book marking sites are on the best platform to promote your website exactly. When you bookmark your web page or blog post on social bookmarking websites, you can gain high traffics to your web page or blog. Reddit is one of the biggest social book marking site. here you submit your post and readers of this site can read the article to click on the link and enter to your site, thus you can get traffics, But remember It is great platform not for spamming or another else. If you submit post randomly, it could harmful to your site. In many times when we are in a page of any site , then we can bookmark that links from address bar.

Social bookmarking sites
Social bookmarking sites

Thus if we bookmark about ten important links from various site and after that we submit it in any social group and also we do the same work about ten person or a group members, so we can achieve a huge type of content and get a lot of experience. Also a chance of getting backlink from those url to submitting link them.


Forum submission also a tactic of seo. There are many sites those have option to discuss on a content or questions answer options. Quora is one of the biggest site about it. We can easily link here our content by answering related question. So our site will get chance of entering viewers specially those will read the questions answer on that. So it would also help to generate traffics in your site. You can see the following sites

Forum posting sites
Forum posting sites

WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 is a system of creating a blog or content in WordPress.com and after that you can submit back link toyour main site from it. You can also submit post to another sites of WordPress. So you will get back link from here. It is another important issue to work seo as well as. But every time of submitting link to another URL must be aware about the importance of linking. Another same kind of address is blogger. In here also you can create a blog in same way and also get link from here to your main site. You can see the following sites for web 2.0

web 2.0 sites
web 2.0 sites

GOOGLE ANALYTIC – To show all the information of your sites you have to sign up in google analytic. In here you see where from your traffics, how much traffics are with desktop or mobile such of many important mattrixs will appear here. So you easily repair your plan by law score of any content after seeing this.


Some times you may fall in to broken link stagy by yourself or where from you get the link. In this case you have two ways. One – you have to create about the content of broken link and ask to the site to give a link. Two – you can see the broken link by a way. first time you have to go to a site of broken link seeker and there you paste the targeted url of broken link . After that in left side from out going links select broken link . But you can not find the content with click of the link. So go to archive.org site , this is called web act machine. It is stored and take snapshot of any time of any domain or page. In here if you submit the broken link url, you will see all the all times previous feature of this link. Here so many snapshot of the broken content, you try and will find the content which as a broken content. After finding the content you create about the content of that. And then mail to the site that it is a broken content and also specify the broken link by paste anchor tag of the broken content in to the site and add search, so you will get the specific point of the broken link. Then you request that site give the back link to the content which has broken and already you made and post. Thus you can get broken link.


Influencer outreach has great important why it is going to outbound link. it has a lot of capacity to engage to social media. If you want to increase your business, website or blog with people on multiple social media platforms you must make the content connect to them as well as by the right rules of going your content to their platform. If you do that you will be able to know for betterment.As the reaction, from those platform can get more back link to your site.

Those are the main offsite factors to build your sites perfomance healthy and markeable.

It is inbound link mean link on same web site to another article and also outbound link that is link to another web site must have reality and importance. Ranking factors in to the content thats brings it to the best result.

Types of seo

Mainly there are three kinds of seo , these are

WHITE HAT– which contents is made from own self. It has no reaction to manipulate google for enforce any way from author.

GREY HAT– situated between white and black hat. Mean it`s some back links is create by it`s importance rest of enforced any way.

BLACK HAT– manipulate google enforce to getting rank the content . it is not right way.

So we always try to write black hat content and these kind of content can make your content maximum result.


All above i have tried to describe every part of seo that how seo works. In this articles every steps if you apply your content i think you will get the maximum result. ONPAGE and OFF PAGE optimization are very important foe any kind of content and make it the high score in for serp Remember quality over quantity. That means quantity is not factor to a quality article. If you create more and more articles without more quality you will be no succeed . But only few quality contents of your site can gain highest position. And if you update those with regular by marketing competition, your rank may still always high. If you realize all complement of works type you must oblige how seo works for higher ranking very easily.


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